Peshawar: The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA-PaRRSA) has rehabilitated 44 projects in Buner and Swat districts. The PDMA said that the project benefiting as many as 28,000 families of remote areas of the two districts. The projects were carried out as water supply channels were disrupted and people had to walk for kilometers to fetch water for the daily utilities, 14 projects were carried out in Buner and 30 in Swat. The projects were sponsored by International Donor USAID and handed over to relevant department after completion. While work in progress on 10 other schemes in Buner and 3 in Swat.
Waheed Ullah resident of Akham Muhallah, Swat said "This initiative has particularly changed lives of women and teenage Boys/girls. Women and girls of the area used to fetch water for their family whole day. Therefore, they could not give proper time to their families, house responsibilities and meanwhile the girls are also overburdened due to this responsibility. But after provision, it has ensured supply of clean drinking water that has reduced the burden of diseases and work load on local women and girls.”
Beneficiaries of district Buner & Swat are grateful to PDMA-PaRRSA for installing water supply schemes, Water pumps and construction of water tanks. This initiative has contributed to access clean drinking water.