Provincial Emergency Operation Center (PEOC)

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Objectives of the PEOC

PEOC is aimed to provide a platform and bridge for timely and accurate coordination between provincial government line departments and district administrations in time of emergencies and calamities. It provides a well coordinated response mechanism in time of disaster. It has strengthened the early warning system and has improved the disaster response capacities of district governments through a centralized command and control unit. PEOC has enhanced the capacities of the DDMUs through increased mobility and facilitation.

Core functions of the PEOC

  • In-time Coordination and communications.
  • Improve emergency response.
  • Manage and mitigate disasters.
  • Analyse, disseminate and manage all the information.
  • Preparing operational updates, situation reports.
  • Facilitating the higher authority in making better estimation for relief and rehabilitation.

KP Daily Situation Reports

Damages and Losses Reports

Weather Updates / Advisories

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