PaRRSA Objectives

Provincial Reconstruction, Rehabilitation & Settlement Authority – Creation and Objectives

PaRRSA was created in July 2009. Initially, it was aimed for reconstruction & rehabilitation in Malakand Division and then its scope was extended to the rest of the province in 2012. Its core objective is to plan and coordinate overall reconstruction, rehabilitation and resettlement projects in the province. Moreover, it also provides one window facilitation to national and international development partners. It supervises and monitors the projects implemented by different agencies for reconstruction and rehabilitation. It establishes standards and internal controls within and outside the organization. Besides that, it is responsible for execution, implementation and monitoring of all projects proposed and funded by various international partners. In fact, it provides the requisite ease, speed, facilitation, coordination and supervision to the reconstruction and rehabilitation programs and linkages to all the parties involved in and helping the Provincial Government in its endeavor to rehabilitate the affected areas. It provides a platform for fast track approval process for the projects and activities undertaken for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the affected regions.

Monday, 4. January 2016