Camp Management

Disasters, force the people to flee their homes and leave their relatives and belongings behind. They find themselves homeless, often fearful and traumatized, and in a situation of displacement where life changes radically and the future is uncertain. TDPs or temporarily displaced persons may have no other option than to seek protection and assistance in camps. Although camps are necessarily a choice of last resort, they often represent the only option for displaced persons in need of assistance, safety and security. States, in line with the obligations and responsibilities of sovereign bodies, are responsible for providing protection and humanitarian assistance to internally displaced nationals and TDPs within their territories, including those living in camps or camp-like settings.

The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is prone to multiple disasters. The destruction caused by earthquake in 2005 and flood in 2010 is not hidden from anyone and the people affected have still not settled completely. In addition to this, insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has forced thousands of people out of their homes and on an endless journey of displacement. Camps were established for these TDPs in KP of which Jalozai Camp in Nowshera and Baka Khel Camp in Bannu are worth mentioning.

Since withdrawal of UNHCR from Camp Cluster in 2016, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa felt the need to establish its own Camp Management support Unit to cater for the needs of displaced persons throughout KP. One of the initial tasks of the Camp Management Support Unit was to identify potential camp sites in each district of KP where, in case of disaster the displaced people will be given shelter and protection. As a result 178 pre disaster camp sites were identified throughout KP where camps will be established in case of emergency. However, identification of the sites was just the beginning and this will be followed by more comprehensive activities which will streamline the disaster response of PDMA.

  • Mapping of 178 already identified pre disaster camp sites
  • Establishment of Tehsil wise Volunteer Task Force as early responders to Disasters.
  • Sector wise Trainings for the volunteers and Govt line department staff on Camp Management & Camp Coordination, First Aid, Disaster Preparedness, Age and Disability Inclusion in Humanitarian Response.
  • Formulation/review of Camp Management Guidelines, dissemination to relevant stakeholders.
  • Yearly visits to all camp sites for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Formulation of data collection tools and reporting formats for collection of data from the camps in case of disasters.
  • Mock/Drill Exercises


Tuesday, 3. March 2020