Upcoming Projects

Construction of Infrastructure for Malakand Region Project US$42 m (SFD)

S.No Name of Scheme PKR in Million
 1  Construction of special Children Schools with special Teachers Training Schools, Swat  148.963
 2  Construction of Veterinary Research Center, Balogram Swat  82.963
 3  Construction of Thalassemia Department in District Headquarters Batkhela Malakand  95.796
 4  Upgradation of Basic Health Unit Hayaseraiy to Category-D Hospital, Dir Lower  323.589
 5  Rehabilitation of Agriculture Research Institute (ARI) Mingora Swat    119.521
 6  Rehabilitation  and widening of Chakdara-Fathepur Section (82 KM) Swat  3,453.708
 Total :  4,224.54